5 Things to Learn From a Failed Startup

[The article is originally written for NextBigWhat.com]

The tremendous wave of startups in India is on. A lot of these startups are early stage startups by fresh students or recent graduates. Although we have seen a lot of such startups turning big later, sadly the success ratio of such startups is too low. A lot of them fail in the very first year of their journey. You call it lack of experience, market strategies, funds marketresearch.


In this blog, I would like to share similar experience with my first startup. The startup rose to become a famous talk in the initial stage but eventually had to shut down after some time due to some reasons. Though the startup failed, it gave me lot of insights and experiences into this field, which drives what I do today. Below is a compiled generic checklist for any such startup to keep in mind:

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Modeling Data Relationships in MongoDB

[The tutorial is originally written for PHPMaster.com]

It’s important to consider the data needs of your application right from the very start of development. But if your app will be using NoSQL and you come from a RDBMS/SQL background, then you might think looking at data in terms of NoSQL might be difficult. This article will help you by showing you how some of the basic data modeling concepts apply in the realm of NoSQL.

I’ll be using MongoDB for our discussion as it is one of the leading open-source NoSQL databases due to its simplicity, performance, scalability, and active user base. Of course the article assumes that you are aware of basic MongoDB concepts (like collections and documents). If not, I suggest you read some of the previous articles here at PHPMaster to get started with MongoDB.

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