The Decisive Day – Deloitte

DeloitteAug 9. Tuesday.  Got up in the morning and as usual to the bus. The normal informal guys in the bus were also in formals. The Deloitte Effect. Probably I wasn’t excited much for the day. Revised few Mensuration Formulas. I Pod plugged in. Ended up with the last song. And this song from London Dreams `Shola Shola`(Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) is one song which has a good inspiring energy.


Drizzling. NIM Audi. And mahnn…..a packed NIM Audi. I guess some 325+. Everyone almost looking same. Some or the other pattern of white shirt and some dark shades of trousers. Girls also weared kinda some except few in the skirts;) We did arrange our seats accordingly(as what we do during Class Tests). Viral on right. Nishant on extreme right. Raj on left. Mudi on extreme left. Unaware of the fact of 1-3-5-7-9 seating arrangement to be followed. And then a team of some 10-12 black suited professionals. As usual the PPT Session, a boring informative session.

And then the disappointment part. 4 sets of paper that means you cant borrow your answers even from your neighbour’s neighbour. Sectional cut off included.  So no chance for teaching. And believe. This was probably the only paper which I have solved with 100%  `my efforts`. Of course I did try to cross verify few ones during the last one minute but in vain.

Then went back to canteen. I remember that waiting period @Canteen First Floor with Sumit, Vishal, Nishant, Viral, Raj, Mudi, Dipen and others. Then the Apti Results announced. And goodness……i was among top 94. The results were surprising. And believe. Its no fun and difficult to move ahead without your loved friends.;(

Followed up was with some real out-of-sense(from my side at least) Group Discussion and Presentation on some `Corrupt Server Solution Strategy`. Maybe the judges didn’t feel so. So finally cracked these things too in front of two panels for Case Study Discussion and Presentation respectively.

Things were moving smoothly. The satisfaction was that at least I reached top 35 who were going to appear for the interviews next. And then interview. Wasn’t rehearsed much. What came out was more of spontaneous. Smooth……Tell me something about yourself….followed by a good startup answer.

And then came the most critical period of the day. The waiting period. Rain. Hunger.Talks wit Sumit. Hathodas inside III cell with Raj, Mudi, Sumit, Mayank. Eager. And then all the citizens packed together into a meeting to make their final decisions. And then. The Result Time. They declared initially that 20 have mede it. So each name announced was sort of one chance lost. But finally my name announced. And Cheers!!!!!

What followed by was a surprise at home. A number of calls. FB Update and wishes 🙂

Made it.



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